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Hello everyone,

There is a lot going on at Crea8social, we know how much you look forward to new releases and in getting information for upcoming ones. We wanted to let you know what we have proposed for the rest of 2018 and a basic idea of when to expect it. We are proud of what we were able to achieve so far with the Crea8social version 7, we are well aware of what aspect we needed to strengthen our efforts and this is exactly what we are doing for the rest of 2018. To make a list of what we will be channeling our energy into throughout the 2nd half of 2018, here are few aspects major changes will be coming to Customer Support and Satisfaction, Our Services, Web Script, Mobile Application Solutions (Android and IOS), Terms of Service, and Product Pricing.

Our first implementation from this list will be launched before the end of this and we are glad to tell you that it is coming with a brand new Mobile Application for both Android and IOS platforms. Below are brief details about the changes.

1. Customer Support and Satisfaction: We are proud to have a stable platform, and we will only be releasing new updates in beta version in other to get adequate feedback before releasing a final version for a release. With this approach, we believe our script will be perfectly stable. The only time you will need to use your active support license is when there is an issue solely from your site (that cannot be produced on our demo) or server related issues. General issues that may arise from the script will only be reported to the Feedback medium or Forum for our agents to take quick action on.

2. Our Service: On purchase of the script we are offering 1 months free support which is more than enough to help you get the platform installed seamlessly. We are henceforth having a separate service for other setup services like installation/Upgrade, Social login Integration Setup, FFMPEG Setup and other lists that will be released on our services soon, away from the support system. All the listed services will be provided with adequate documentation and tutorials to have them set up successfully, you will only have to order for these premium services if you are not confident of doing it yourself and need assistance from our team.

3. Web Script: We are all aware that the rate at which new technologies are been invented is rapid we only try to take lead at implementing essential takeout from them into our platform ahead of other competitors out there. The improvements to this aspect come in both the Backend (Admincp) and Frontend. Here are a few things to expect over time;

Backend (Admincp) Modifications:

Easy Navigations: We want to grant Site Admin easy access to support link, like quick access to their Crea8social Dashboard, Documentation link, and Changelog link directly from there Admin panel.

Page Builder: This feature is similar to the WordPress page builder plugin, it makes it easy for you to develop a page by dragging and dropping different widgets made available. It is a major improvement to the current layout editor.

Auto Delete Data: This feature allows Admin to delete old data (like inactive members data over time say months, year) with ease from an Admin setting.

Site Map Generator: This feature will let you generate XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing and other search engines to help them crawl your website better.


NewsFeed: We are bringing a lot of improvement to the newsfeed, we are aware this is a major point of attraction on the platform. We are making a lot of addition to this part of the platform below are few lists of what to expect:

1. User card widget

2. Improved point like/comment count

3. Improved boosted page display

4. Inline friend suggestion

5. Voice record for post, chat, and comments

6. Improved load more feature

7. Auto post actions like "posted a new blog", "created a new group" and so on

8. Slide widget for pages/group suggestion

9. Gif feature in the post, comment, and chat

10. Chatbox color change

11. Improved poll design

Also, profile completeness widget for user profile will be added and ability to add social links to profile.

Using FCM over AJAX Polling:

AJAX Polling: The client makes a request to the server at an interval of X seconds to check if there is new information like notifications, messages etc.

FCM: A persistent background connection is maintained between the client and Firebase. The server can send information to the Firebase which can be pushed directly to the client.

AJAX Polling takes more resources on the server, creates idle processes per user, thereby expending server memory while FCM requests are only made when new information is available. Therefore, there are no loops or memory/CPU expense per client, but per client action.

During the course of this project, some plugins will be merged with core features while some plugins will be dropped for future development.

Here are the lists of plugins to be merged;

1. Weather Forecast

2. User Activity

3. Report

4. Letter Avatar

5. Comment

6. Last Visitor

7. Statistics

8. Invitation System

9. Backup Plugin

Plugins to be dropped for now;

1. Currency plugin

2. Feedback

3. Testimonial

4. Question and Answer

5. Confession

6. Survey

4. Mobile Application Solutions (Android and IOS): We are glad to introduce you to our newly developed mobile application for Android and IOS. We took out time to search and brought out a perfect application to compliment the level where our web script is, on this journey we came across "React Native" as the best tool to use for the development. As it is confirmed "React Native framework" is one of the fastest and yet most efficient environments for mobile app development. It is one of the most popular high-level, dynamic programming languages. The user experience of React Native is extremely fast and responsive. This is what we have been working on and we know it will take your community to a better level because no matter how standard or stable your web version of your website is, mobile apps are essential and necessary for the success of any online social networks.

Part of the reason we chose React Native is its enormous rates, the GitHub statistics show that the most starred framework among others is React Native with 59.8 thousand stars, Ionic is in second place with 33.3 thousand, and Xamarin takes places last with only 3.6 thousand.

Other well-known companies use React Native as the base of their Apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Uber etc

5. Terms of Service: As our service changes we know there is a need for us to work on our terms of use of the product, use of our service etc.

6. Pricing: As earlier announced that the current price splash will be ending, yes the time is here already. Watch out for the new pricing section when the first release (Crea8social 7.2) from this roadmap is launched. For those of you that took advantage of the price splash already, you will be glad you did. We are so excited about the standard Crea8social is about to set, it will be high!

We have many more announcements as Crea8social Version 7 continues to grow. As you can see there is a lot going on so stay tuned.

Of course, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback let us know here

Below are GIF images from the new app


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