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Introduction: This blog post is aimed at helping you make the right choice of plan you need for your online community using crea8socialPRO. The following are the list of plans available;
1. Imole Plan
2. Irawo Plan
3. Osupa Plan

Imole Plan: 
PropertiesThis plan comes with all feature available in both the Irawo and Osupa Plan. It has a single domain installation i.e you can only register the plan on one domain only, it comes it 12 months free update which means you get updates free with no charges for the first year of your usage, this package has 3 months free support which makes you eligible to request for support whenever you need help from our support team. Also free installation, No "Powered-by" branding, PHP and HTML code access for easy extension, customization and flexibity

Cost: $79

Irawo Plan:
PropertiesThis is our most recommended plan of all the 3 plans, it comes with 6 months free support and a huge 24 months of free updates. It has the same feature lists as the other 2 plan Imole and Osupa. It can also be used only on 1 domain, free installation, PHP and HTML code access and  No "Powered-by" branding.

Cost: $149

Osupa Plan:
Properties: This plan can simple be referred to (2X Irawo), which makes it installable on two different domains. If you need crea8socialPRO for two differnt domains instead of buying 2Irawo we offer Osupa with a subsidize amount which is lesser than paying for the Irawo plan twice.  It comes with 6 months free support and a huge 24 months of free updates, same feature lists as the other 2 plan Imole and Irawo,  free installation, PHP and HTML code access and  No "Powered-by" branding.

Cost: $249

After sucessfully making the best choice from our lists of our plans, we got you covered with step by step approach into creating a perfect and vibrant online community.

Starting with detailed tutorials on getting started with any of the crea8social plans, to setting up your social integration plugins, changing and editing site title, enabling and disabling user registration, enabling and disabling user account activation, how to setup your payment gateway, how to create a new language and how to manage your members. You can get detailed guideline to do all this and more in our help and turtorial section here.

Setting up your social network is just one of the stages to creating a vibrant community, which is followed by building your online community; choosing the niche you will focus on, creating content specifically for the community, inviting new people on a regular basis, connecting your community to social media and much more are enclosed in our blog post on building your online community.

Just building a feature-filled social networking site with a sound infrastruture is only the start of your website journey. Dont fret though, it is an exciting journey, the good news is that you don't have to navigate the competitive waters alone, our post on how to promote your network will help you through.

Join the crea8socialPRO family now, because we provided everything you need to getstarted with your online community and promote your network with the most stable and modern feature-filled social networking software.

Please visit our now to get either of the 3 plan available.