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Finally, we are glad to announce the official release of the long-awaited new Crea8social Android and IOS mobile applications. 

You all have been following this space since we released our roadmap for the remainder of 2018  and asking when the official release will be available after the successful pre-order campaign, the wait is finally over.

The new mobile applications come with lots of compelling features that are supported on the Crea8social  web version 7.2 like the GIF support, Voice record support, Auto-post to timeline and much more. The new mobile applications developed with React Native technology also comes with an option to purchase with full source code so that you can easily modify to suit your need. Over time our team will be working on making web premium plugins available for purchase for the mobile apps too together with general improvements.

With no more time to waste here the new Android and IOS mobile applications demo are available for downloads here  (IOS and Android demo link)

More details on the mobile applications can be found here on the App description page and you can also make your order on the page.

The new Crea8social version 7.2 comes with a general optimization as earlier announced on our roadmap, the new release has been uploaded on our demo for testing and feedback and you can check the changelog page for full details about what the new release comes with.

Note: The new crea8social Version 7.2 is not expected to be deployed on a production sites yet as we expect you all to install it development site on a localhost to check it compatibility and let us have your feedback here and make sure it's ready for your production site before updating your platform. This will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts, this instruction should be adhered to by all our clients  

Visit our store to check out all the new excitements available from our team and third-party developers, you can also request some premium services from our adequate team here if you require any assistance

Of course, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback let us know here ....

Thank you for trusting us to always give you the best.


Crea8social Team