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Earlier this year we announced we would be releasing a New Theme for Crea8social which was already embarked on even before the announcement was made, fast forward to late March we had the first demo of the proposed new theme but we were sure you going to need more from us.

This review led to us going back to the drawing board to have the whole structure re-made because we just have to do it right, so today it's with great pleasure I want to announce the first demo of our new default theme to you, it's a work in progress but I'm certain you will all love it. 

Ooh! I would never forget to appreciate the pressure from our esteemed clients who wouldn't stop pushing when the new Crea8social Version 7.4 will be launched, we at Crea8social welcome you all to Crea8social Version 7.4

You can now start downloading the new version 7.4 from your dashboard to be tried out not on your live installation yet till you are done with the review. You can also test on our live demo here

A complete changelog is available for more details about the improvements and fixes implemented in this Crea8social Version 7.4 release. 

You can download your copy of version 7.4 from your client dashboard. Fresh installs should follow our installation tutorial or you can order an installation service and our team will get it installed in no time! To upgrade from a previous version to 7.4, please view our upgrade documentation or, if you’d rather we take care of the hard stuff, you can order an upgrade and we’ll do it for you.

Note: Please always ensure to have your site backed up before performing all updates.

You can leave your feedback or suggestion here for our team and track the progress. Visit our store to check out all the new excitements available for your online community from our team and third-party developers. You can also order a license for the script here.

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Discount Code: C8NEW7P4
If you are interested in the Special Release offer enjoy it till 11:59 PM (GMT +1) 25th May 2020.



Don't have a mobile application for your community yet?

Here is why you need it, your social network is incomplete without a mobile solution. Our new IOS and Android Applications are also compatible with this new update, you can check out the new amazing mobile solutions. Also, you can order for our Mobile Applications Full Source CodeEnterprise option here.


Keep Staying Safe Guys!!

Crea8social Team