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We are glad to announce the release of crea8socialPRO version 6.0.4, as we have promised to partner with your community because we are interested in your growth. Here we are again, keeping to our words!

This new version 6.0.4 is so awesome that we don't know which feature to introduce to you first. Should we start with the Marketplace? Maybe the Blog or Forum plugin should come first? You can see it a huge decision to make.

Let's talk about the Blog plugin

Raise your hand if you want more website visitors. Yeah, we want more too :)

The importance of blog to a social network system is as limitless as your imagination, it is a means of sharing thoughts, ideas, communicating and publishing information on the web. The new blog system has the option to allow members to create blog post, posts show up on user profile, admin can create/manage blog from the admincp and the blog system is SEO friendly through URL, keywords and blog post description.

Yeah! This new update comes with Forum plugin, forum has been one our most requested plugins. Addition of this plugin to your social network will help encourage interactivity and discussion on the community. Visit our store to know how you can use the plugin.

With the new Marketplace plugin, your users can post classifieds listings within any categories you create (like “Jobs”, “Personals”, “For Sale”, etc.). This serves as a store on your community where users can place items and shop. Visit our store to know how you can use the plugin.

So many of you have been waiting for alternative way to monetize your social website besides Ads campaign. Good news for you all, Membership plugin made the trip with the new version 6.0.4 ride. With this addition to the system you can now charge users for access to your social network. The billing system is designed to allow most basic pay-for-access billing system, it also allow users to be charged either a one-time fee or recurring monthly or yearly fees for access to your network.

The new User Activity plugin also keep members activities update for 30days interval for friends to know.  Visit our store to know how you can use the plugin.

And many more other amazing feature and fix to reports, visit the changelog for the new Version 6.0.4 here.

You can test all these new awesome features on the live demo now.


Almost forgot to tell you about our new Store, you can now visit crea8socialPRO Store download all freebies we have in stock for you. Also, developers who want to sell or place for free any widget, themes, plugins for crea8socialPRO can also submit their items for listing on our store.

 Watch out For More Freebies to Come!!! You Deserve It!!!!

Note: Always ensure to the read the tutorials on how to update here before you embark on updating your system to the new Version 6.0.4 here.

You can always reach out to our hardworking support team by creating a support ticket on your client dashboard, also on the other side of the dashboard don't forget to give our amazing team the Ratings and Reviews we deserve.


Thanks for the love and recommendations, we care about you all.