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A Worthwhile Wait I call it, you've all been asking;

  1.  When is this "Major Update" (quoting Thomas) coming?
  2. What features does this new Major Update comes with?
  3. Should I wait for the new Update before i get my crea8socialPRO

We are glad to introduce the Stable Crea8socialPRO Version 6.0.3 to you. Crea8social team feels fulfilled to have accomplished this great task of stablising this amazing platform and we want to thank you all for being part of it because we couldn't have acheived it without your numerous feedbacks, suggestions, reviews and encouragement.

Proudly, on our stable social network software we will like to introduce some Modern features that comes with is new update. Now, not only is our platform stable, it is the only Social Network Software that has all the modern features needed by a social networking script. Here are few hand picked from the list of features;

Modern Poll and Voting System: With the introduction of our New Polls and Voting system to your social network, this will spike up fun and interactivity on the it. You can create polls with multiple or single selection options.

Modern Chat System: The Improved chatting system allows you to know the typing status of your friend, know when your messages has been read, also allows you to know your friends that were online recently like that on facebook.

Modern Notification Pop-up: Notification Pop-up like that of facebook helps notify you when there is a new activity on your account even while you are not on the social network page.

Modern Social Share System: with this new feature you and yours users can start sharing amazing contents you come across on your timeline on other social media accounts like facebook, twitter, google+ and linkedIn. This also help bring more traffic to your social network site.

Modern Announcement System: You as an admin can now alert, info, warning news to your community users, targetted user group, targetted location or gender easily with this modern announcement system that support multiple language.

Modern Feeling System: with this modern feature your users can now share different feeling with their friends with options like "For Listening- soundcloud searched for suggestions", "For Watching- youtube searched for suggestions" and more on the new stable crea8socialPRO platform.

Modern Bing Translator: This features helps erradicate the stress of coping and pasting on google translator before you understand a language a friend posted. With this modern bing translator feature understanding such a post is made easy with just a click below the post.

And many more other amazing feature, can continue with it by visiting the changelog for the new Version 6.0.3 here.

I'm sure you are impressed, you can test all these amazing modern features of your stable social networking software on the live demo here.

To our crea8socialPRO Version 6.0.2 users you can now update to Stable Version 6.0.3 for Free.

Note: Always ensure the read the tutorials on how to update here before you embark on updating your system to the new Version 6.0.3 here.

You can always reachout to our hardworking support team by creating a support ticket on your client dashboard, also on the other side of the dashboard don't forget to give our amazing team the Ratings and Reviews we deserve. 

Thanks for the love and recommendations, we care about you all.

Again, It's a Worthwhile Wait. It's never too late to join this Amazing Cruise, as i keep telling you you'll be glad you did visit now and be part of it.