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We are happy to announce the of Crea8socialPro Version 6.2.1, after lot of testing and feedback from our adequate beta testers. This release comes with new exicting features to spark up your community and fixes to bugs reported both from the beta testing and previous reports.
Here are highlight of the major features that comes with the new Version 6.2.1:

1. Music plugin: This plugin allows your members to create playlist and upload mp3 musics with our awesome music player. With this you can keep members on your site while they listening to their favourite musics on your site

2. Improved Photo plugin: We improved the photo plugin to support a directory where every members can see public photos from every other members, also private photo albums directory are available as well

3. Backup & Restore Plugin: With our new restore plugin, make backing up your site easy and restore to any backup point with a button from admin panel. You can also have multiple restore button using ftp credentials to do the job.

And a lot more, Version 6.2.1 also come with fix to all bugs reported and security improvement. Visit our changelog page to view the whole update details. 
Please do not forget to follow the necessary procedure in upgrading to the latest Version 6.2.1 to avoid unwanted error on your platform.

Also, for all your custom works you can always request a quote from our adequate Third Party Developers on Our Developers page and you can checkout some of their plugins, themes and language pack on our Store.


Nominate Crea8socialPro For 2016 CMSCritic Awards

It is a big step for us, and winning this award is going to be a huge motivation for Crea8social Team. We can't do this alone, we need your help and vote to make this happen. 
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Let's make the difference together, Your Vote can make this happen.
Thanks for your kind support, we appreciate you.