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We are proud to announce the release of Crea8social version 7.4.2, this new update is seasoned with improvement and fixes to issues from the New Crea8social Default Theme. We are glad to tell you the latest theme is now completed, the update to the theme as now covers the whole plugins and features on the platform.

We've had the new update available on our live demo for a couple of days now for review and testing as some of you have had the chance to test with us as well. 

Crea8social Version 7.4.2 comes with bug fixes to the platform and some new improvements from your suggestions. 

Below are the highlights of the aspect of the platform that the new update is affected.

- ADDED Request throttle feature
- ADDED List cover for Auction, Business Giftshop, Hashtag, Poll, and Property plugin.
- IMPROVED Playlist editor search UI

A complete changelog is available for more details about the improvements and fixes implemented in this Crea8social Version 7.4.2 release.


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Wishing you all a Blessed Eid Adha in Advance to our Muslim clients all over the Wolrd!!

You can download your copy of version 7.4.2 from your client dashboard. Fresh installs should follow our installation tutorial or you can order an installation service and our team will get it installed in no time! To upgrade from a previous version to 7.4.2, please view our upgrade documentation or, if you’d rather we take care of the hard stuff, you can order an upgrade and we’ll do it for you.

Note: Please always ensure to have your site backed up before performing all updates.

You can leave your feedback or suggestion here for our team and track the progress. Visit our store to check out all the new excitements available for your online community from our team and third-party developers. You can also order a license for the script here.

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Here is why you need it, your social network is incomplete without a mobile solution. Our new IOS and Android Applications are also compatible with this new update, you can check out the new amazing mobile solutions. Also, you can order for our Mobile Applications Full Source CodeEnterprise option here.