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 Dear Customers,

Crea8social team is pleased to announce the release of Crea8social Version Version 2018.2. We have been working very hard to bring you some great improvements to present features, bug fixes, and updates. 

This new update was birth to as a result of the compile bug reports we gathered from this forum thread We took our time to look into the issues that are related to the script and made this update all about it.


  • ADDED feed video autoplay and stick
  • ADDED membership field to users manager
  • ADDED option to enable and disable notification sound
  • ADDED option to modify static page url
  • ADDED option to toggle feed editor Shift + Enter to submit
  • ADDED resume support for downloads


  • IMPROVED Feed Editor Background
  • IMPROVED Feed Editor UX
  • IMPROVED coupon generation description
  • IMPROVED group, page and game URL
  • IMPROVED profile links preview
  • IMPROVED video links preview


The updates come with many more improvements and fixes to bugs reported, find out more about the update on the changelog page here

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Please do not forget to follow the necessary procedure in upgrading to the latest Version 2018.2 to avoid unwanted error on your platform.

Once again, if you have any queries about the update or any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support staffs through your support ticket medium and we'll be happy to assist.


Thank you all for your usual cooperation

Crea8social Team