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We are glad to announce the release of Crea8social Version 7.2.2 This new release comes with improvement to the whole platform and addresses a few issues reported by clients or found by our staff.

Following are the list of few to Improvements/Fixes that comes with this release:


ADDED Additional text editors (CK Editor, Froala)
ADDED Create menu to Header
ADDED Option to enable/disable main menu shortcuts
IMPROVED Profile menu and Feed Editor on Mobile
ADDED Security Update


FIXED AdminCP notification pop
FIXED Age restriction limit for People filter
FIXED Alignment issues in RTL Languages
FIXED Blank feed video Category
FIXED Broken Feed Embed Video
FIXED Broken Page Invite
FIXED Bug in menu setting
FIXED Cyrillic character encodings
FIXED Duplicate GIF and Voice
FIXED Enable/disable gender option
FIXED Error in saving page details
FIXED Feed feeling
FIXED Feed watching
FIXED Home link
FIXED Incorrect number of followers count
FIXED Issue with featured blogs
FIXED Livestream Language Phrases

A complete changelog is available for more details about the improvements and fixes implemented in this 7.2.2 release.

What's new on our store?

WaterMark Plugin: Multimedia Watermark allows you to automatically watermark photo, video and music contents uploaded to your websites. Watermark can be an image, text, or audio in case of music watermarking. This is a premium plugin from our in-house developer, check out more details about the plugin here

Emoney plugin: gives your website its own virtual currency that will allow your users to earn and purchase using this built-in internal currency. Users can fund their Emoney wallet via Paypal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, (credits from Credit gifts Plugin if available) which be used to purchase within the website. This is a premium plugin from our third-party developer, check out more details about the plugin here

Course plugin: allows you to add an online course facility to your website. A very resourceful module for both an educational based website or when you just need to offer courses to your members. This is a premium plugin from our third-party developer, check out more details about the plugin here

Badges plugin: encourages members to perform various activities, frequently interact with each other and compete with friends in your social network. It is a simple and fun way to increase interaction and reward member activities. This is a premium plugin from our third-party developer, check out more details about the plugin here

You can download your copy of version 7.2.2 from your client dashboard. Fresh installs should follow our installation tutorial or you can order an installation service and our team will get it installed in no time! To upgrade from a previous version to 7.2.2, please view our upgrade documentation or, if you’d rather we take care of the hard stuff, you can order an upgrade and we’ll do it for you.

Note: Please always ensure to have your site backed up before performing all updates.

You can leave your feedback or suggestion here for our team and track the progress. Visit our store to check out all the new excitements available for your online community from our team and third-party developers. You can also order a license of the script here.

Don't have a mobile application for your community yet?

Here is why you need it, your social network is incomplete without a mobile solution. Our new IOS and Android Applications are also compatible with this new update, you can check out the new amazing mobile solutions


Warm Regards

Crea8social Team