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I'm pretty sure a whole lot of you have been waiting and asking when the new update will be released. I am excited to announce to you the arrival of Crea8social Social Networking Software Version 2017.2.

This new update Crea8social Version 2017.2 raked in a lot of hard work from our team to both develop and test just to get things all right.

Most interesting news about this update for interested clients that wish to join Crea8social Family is that you all can get this latest version of crea8social and all our other products with 20% Discount. Also, our already beloved clients can also use the opportunity to add an additional license, get our premium plugin on our store and get our mobile application.



The new Crea8social Version 2017.2 comes with a whole lot of improvement, fixes, free plugins like Question & Answer Plugin, Weather Plugin, Confession Plugin and a premium Poll Directory. Visit our store to find out more about this plugins and others from our third party developers.

Visit our changelog page to check out the whole details of the update.

Please do not forget to follow the necessary procedure in upgrading to the latest Version 2017.2 to avoid unwanted error on your platform.

Once again, if you have any queries about the update or any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch through your support ticket medium and we'll be happy to assist.


Thank you all for your Usual Support.
Raphael- Crea8social Team