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“One old friend is better than two new ones” we say to appreciate the loyalty of our old friends. This is also true for non-active members of your social network, even if they are not engaged with your online community anymore. The cost of a new member acquisition is much higher than the cost to retain an old one. Unfortunately social network owners make so many efforts to get new members that the old ones are often left neglected. This failure causes members churn and consequently lead to lot of non-active members. 

There are many reasons why members may give up on your online community. You can do very little if they are no longer interested in your particular community. But if your members choose your competitors over you, there are various tactics to win them back. As email campaigns are the easiest way to re-establish a connection with your non-active members, here are 3 simple email ideas that always work: 

We know you. We love you. 

A simple checkup email can work miracles.

You can use your mailing list features on your Crea8socialPro platform admin panel which target members who remain inactive for a certain period of time, all members, or selected members.

Be sure that your email looks like a plain-text personal email rather than a well-illustrated and polished email campaign. It can be a note from your real employee (e.g. customer service officer) which states that you appreciate your members, you miss them and we want to see them back. A little sympathy goes a long way.

Feedback to let steam off 

Your members might feel neglected, they might be dissatisfied with your community interactions. When you send an email asking for a sincere feedback, you let your customers express discontent. Your follow-up email with words of apology and appreciation will make your members feel heard, missed and valued. Asking for a sincere feedback from your members will not only bring them back, you will have some valuable insight on what impacts your churn rates. There might be a dozen of various reasons which prevent your clients from buying from you (website easy usability, payment systems, flexibilty, required features, etc.). Knowing these factors will help you make strategic decisions about your community in the future.  

Freebies do work 

Offer some incentives for your members to come back. We all love free stuff, especially when it is something valuable for us. Try to understand what your members want and reward them accordingly. You can run a contest, discounts on premium membership/ads, partnerships. Give your customers a reason to come back and they will. Moreover this tactic will increase your members loyalty and the open rate of your email campaigns.


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