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We're getting very close to the official launch of Crea8social 7.0 ... I thought that it would be a good time to update everyone on where Crea8social is going and what you can expect next.

First, we're really close to final launch which would entail both Android and IOS versions of the script, just a few more weeks. To start with we will be rolling out the Web version on the rebrand, followed by the Android version and finally the official release of our IOS mobile app. Over the last few months we've poured our hearts and souls into this release, we're very happy with it and are confident that you will be too.

So far, a number of our customers have already been able to experience and become familiar with the private beta release, and the comments that we're receiving are very, very positive. Thank you to those organizations and businesses for providing the feedback and helping us every step of the way through the beta process.

Along with this new launch, we'll be rolling out a new branding effort to reflect Crea8social's growth, and more importantly, the changes in the social network software space. This space is rapidly growing and has been through what many are calling the "first wave" -- we're now entering the second wave or second generation of this type of software, and our Crea8social brands will be updated to reflect our forward-thinking changes.

The use of radiant red on our new logo demonstrates our boldness and makes a strong representation of our unique vision for the company. When you invest in software, it's really more than just a one-time purchase decision, it is like a long-term partnership. You are not just buying a solution for today, you are investing in a solid product and the future-proof company that stands behind it.

Highlights of Crea8social 7.0;

Website: A total rebrand is coming to our website, as we will be introducing new plans to the script with new pricing, introducing our new elegant logo, a new documentation page, feedback page and changes to our policies and terms of use.
Support: The supporting system is a taking a major rebranding process with this Crea8social 7.0 release. We are aware a system support is one if not the most important section of every firm. We are introducing a new token support system that would be available for use anytime to clients with an active support license. So, henceforth your ticket medium won't be dependent on the number of months anymore but you can use the support whenever you have token left on your license. That means your token will be active if you don't exhaust it even after 12 months of purchase. Also, we will be introducing a premium live chat technical support to complement our support service for those that would prefer that plan.

Web Script: Since both Android App and IOS App is dependent on this, a general optimization has been done on the web script which includes a brand new admin panel theme, frontend design changes, improved functionalities and we are also changing the versioning system to the previously used one. 


Android & IOS Mobile Application: The rebrand will give our Android mobile app a totally new design with a total optimization. The release of the first version of our IOS mobile app will be awesome and it will be worth the wait.

The last crea8social version 2018.2 released was aimed at making this version stable for lifetime usage as future updates will be channeled into crea8social rebirth version. We are aware some of you have dwelled very comfortable and satisfied with that version, some of you customized the platform to suit your needs, we respect your decision and our team will be ready to support you on the current version till 30th July 2018 after which you are expected to have migrated to the new version at no cost.

We have decided to embark on the Beta Update Release Process for all our future updates henceforth. 

We are really excited about the whole rebrand process coming to Crea8social, this is only possible with your support, criticism, encouragement and we are only positive that you all will be glad you chose Crea8social.

Let us know what you think ... we're pretty darn happy with it and hope you are too.

Of course, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, let us know ... we'll keep you updated as we get closer to the launch.

Thank you.

Spoiler Alert Below :D