Why You Need The New Crea8social App For Your Community?

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 28 September 2016 7:15pm

Nowadays, mobile apps are something which is extremely common. The customers in today’s world are on the move and they’re using mobile application platforms to get there. Whether they use mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices they have all the information they need. That&rsq... Read more..

Introducing Crea8social Android Application

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 27 September 2016 7:55pm

Hello Everyone,

Since the past few months, we have been working on building our Android Mobile Application from grounds-up. We're excited to inform you that we have now released the Official Crea8social Andriod Application.


Our new
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Crea8socialPro Version 6.2.2 Released

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 26 September 2016 7:07am

Dear Esteemed Customers,

Hope you had a great weekend? it was a short weekend here because we had to make a lot of good news happen for you. And we believe it's a Great Week already.

We are happy to inform you all that Crea8socialPro Version 6.2.2 ...
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How to Handle a Toxic Member in Your Online Community

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 09 September 2016 1:04pm

Trolls were once thought of as mythical creatures, but they are now very real. If you’ve spent any time interacting (or reading) comments on the Internet, you’ve undoubtedly come across trolls.

Troll is a slang term for people who purposely sow discord and aim at getting peo...
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How to Create Content that Compels People to Join Your Community

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 01 September 2016 6:08pm

The phones rings, and without looking at caller ID, you pick up. Instead of hearing your mom’s voice, you’re connected with a salesman. That’s usually your cue to end the conversation. But wait! Can you answer just this one question, please? To be polite, you do. Twenty minutes ... Read more..

How to Turn New Members to Regular Visitors

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 18 August 2016 2:46pm

On average, only 10% of new members will participate within their first month of joining an online community. Additionally, the likelihood a new member will engage in the community, or even visit it, drops significantly over time.

However, with the implementation of a basic online commu...
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Crea8socialPro Version 6.2.1 Released

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 11 August 2016 6:03pm

We are happy to announce the of Crea8socialPro Version 6.2.1, after lot of testing and feedback from our adequate beta testers. This release comes with new exicting features to spark up your community and fixes to bugs reported both from the beta testing and previous reports.
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5 Powerful Methods to Build Online Community Awareness

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 27 July 2016 5:26pm

As you know, the key to creating strong online community awareness is by repeatedly exposing your community/brand to your target audience.

Your efforts to build community awareness help consumers become familiar with your products or services. Over time, by repeatedly exposing your comm...
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How to Avoid Common Online Community Implementation Mistakes

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 14 July 2016 3:17pm

On the surface, an active, well-managed online community may seem like an easy strategy to implement at your organization.

Pick a platform. Start some discussions. Tell your customers or members about it. And you now have an online community. Right?

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Crea8socialPro Version 6.2 Released

This was posted by Crea8social Team on 04 July 2016 7:08am

Dear Valueable Customer,

We are very appreciative of you all, for trusting the team to always offer you the best of every services you deserve, words of encouragement, and feedbacks. You guys testified that we are the number one social network software in ...
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