Crea8social is the leading social network software packed with amazing and customizable features. A wide range of available settings allows you to configure the system to suit your needs. You may also easily disable features you do not need.

News Feed

News feed plugin allow your members to post picture,videos,polls e.t.c

Tag Friend

You can tag your friends in a post or photos of yours or your friends

Post Background

Crea8social let your members to use the new post background technology in their posts to beautify their post

Photos/Videos module

Let your members to upload photos,videos and share with friends

Instant Messaging

Your members can chat with each other and can also see who's online

Video / Audio Call

Crea8social let your members to video / audio call with their friends with our premium video call plugin

Polls Directory

Let your members to create polls and allow their friends to vote

Push Notification

With push notification your members will never miss any events on their account

Group Module

Crea8social let your members to join,create group and share similar things

Business Page Module

Let your members to create their business page on your network

Live Video Streaming

With our premium Live video plugin Your members can start live video streaming with crea8social

Games Module

Your members can play games on your network with our game module

CDN Storage

Content Delivery Network is very important in social network system, that why we have that available for you to store your members assets in a CDN Storage like Amazon s3 or your own hosted CDN Storage

Social Integration

With our social integration your members can signup with their social accounts and with our premium social publisher they auto publish post to facebook, twitter


Still forum system is important in social network, with our forum plugin your members can create threads and discuss similar ideas

Event Module

Create let your members to create event and RSVP their friends events

Music Module

Let your members to create music album, listing to songs e.t.c on your network


Let your members to create blogs for their friends to read on your network

And Many More

Create comes with tons of feature you can test the demo to see this features