Crea8social is the leading social network software packed with amazing and customizable features. A wide range of available settings allows you to configure the system to suit your needs. You may also easily disable features you do not need.


News Feed

Both personal and public timelines allow users to easily see latest activities by their friends and other users of your community.


Your users may leave comments for various contents across your website and engage in conversations.

Reactions and likes

This allows users of your community to express interest by liking or reacting to different contents in your community.

Social network sharing

You may enable the option to share your site's content over other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Saving of Post

User can save any of their favorite posts on the activity feed.

Pin post to the Top

Members can pin a particular post to the top of their profile page no matter when it was published and unpin the post whenever they like.

Auto Load

More content is automatically loaded once the side bar is scrolled to the bottom without having to click the load more link to view more feeds

Private messaging

Safe and secure messaging

Members of your community may communicate with any other member or just their friend (depending on how their account is setup) through the private messaging system/ This help ensure privacy as none of the personal information is revealed.


Real-time conversations can happen privately between members, or publicly in group chats.


Online members receive both audio and visual notifications pop-ups for incoming messages. Offline members will receive an email notification of new private messages as well as display appropriate notification on the site itself, this help ensure that none of the private messages go unnoticed.

Hide Offline or Busy

For those times when instant messages may be distracting, members can choose to go offline or busy and continue browsing your community, returning online at their leisure.

Search engine optimization

Custom meta tags

Meta tag manager allows you to specify custom meta tags for any page of your site, helping you improve search engine rankings and attract visitors.

Search engine friendly URLs

Bring more users to your site by attracting them from search engines. Search engine friendly URLs are used throughout the software, making sure none of the pages go unnoticed by the search engines.

Users and profiles

Customizable profile questions

You may add, edit and remove custom profile questions as you like. Each profile question can be of a different type such as drop down box, text box, etc.

Dynamic profile field display

Specify what profile fields should be displayed where. For example you can choose what fields to display on the registration and search forms, or public profiles. System will then automatically display them on your website.

User roles and membership

User groups help you separate users based on their membership level, such as free members, paid or premium members, etc. You can create as many different member groups as you want, each with different permission levels and limits..

User approval system

You may require users to verify their email address upon registration. You may also optionally choose to review and approve all new members yourself before they start using your site.

Display photos

User may easily upload a profile photo during registration or by editing their profile. This photo will be displayed in their profile, search results, and other parts of the community.

Browse and search

Search your users based on various profile criteria such as gender, age, location, interests, etc. You may specify what information should be searchable through the control panel.

Social Authentication

You may give your users options to sign up and login via Facebook, Google+, VK or Twitter in addition to default login method. You may add support for other networks if necessary.

Privacy options

Users have full control over their profile privacy to determine who can view it.

User Activities

User activity plugin keep your member activities for 30 days interval for their friends to know about latest activities such as (likes, shares, comments, became friends and so on).

Site Upgrader

You can easily upgrade to a new version of the system with just a click of button from the admin panel. This option is recommended for those who don’t have too much customization on the platform.

Feeling System

with this modern feature your users can now share different feeling with their friends with options like "For Listening­ soundcloud searched for suggestions", "For Watching­ youtube searched for suggestions" and more on the new stable crea8socialPRO platform.

Profile Design

Each user can design their profile page to suit their taste by changing profile background, colour, and so on from the profile page.

Drag and drop Site Designer

You can completely rearrange most areas of the site without having to write any code. Choose a one, two, or three­column layout for each page and drop widgets into each column. This determines what content appears on your community and where it appears in the members' view.

Bing Translator

With the help of bing translator members can translate content written in different language from the default language of the site back to the default language. This helps reduce the language barriers between community users.

Verified Accounts and Pages

You can verify a particular member or brand pages easily from the admin panel. Verified accounts get notification once their account is verified.


The use of #hashtag helps display trending and related topics shared by members of the community.


Users can use "@" to tag other members in a posts, comments, or messages by mentioning "@username" in the content.

Reaction System

Your online community members can now react to status with more than just a thumbs up. The reaction feature enable you to express yourself with five additional emojis, alongside a "like". The new Reactions are: 'Love' 'Haha' 'Wow' 'Sad' and 'Angry'. Your community newsfeed just got more interesting.

Valid HTML and CSS code

Proper coding and fast website performance ensures better rankings and thus better placements in search engines.

Security and anti-spam

Email address verification

Prevent spammers from joining your community by requiring users to verify their email address. This feature is optional, as admin can deactivate this option.

Google reCaptcha

Protect your site from automatic form submissions (spam bots) by using "captcha" feature on your site. It requires users to answer security question before submitting the form. Tap into the latest Google reCAPTCHA technology to help fight spam by enabling our reCAPTCHA app.

Words/Username Ban Filters

Specify words or username you don't want to be used such as foul language. This option acts in such a way that user doesn't know about their messages being censored to ensure they don't change them to avoid it.

Block IPs

You may block individual IP addresses to keep unwanted users away from your site.

User Role or Moderator accounts

You may set up a user role as a moderator to handle abusive content, verify users, or perform any other tasks you wish to assign to them.

Content reporting

Any inappropriate or abusive content can be reported by your users to quickly and effectively fight spammers and keep your community safe and secure.

User blocking

Users can block others from viewing their profile or interacting with them if they feel they do not want to be bothered by someone.

Content management

Responsive design

Crea8socialPro is built with modern devices in mind; our platform is completely responsive down to mobile phones. It means template will automatically adjust based on user's device.

Custom pages

With our amazing website layout editor in the admin panel you can easily create new pages. Direct access to source code allows advanced page editing if necessary. There is no limit on how many pages you can create.

Plugins manager

You may activate, deactivate and update plugins with just one click. Or create your own plugins to extend software functionality without having to modify its original source code.

Email templates

Customizable email templates let you get personal with your users by adding content to emails you would like them to receive.

CDN Storage

Choose where you would like to store your users uploaded media files, such as local storage by default or optional Amazon S3.  It helps in ranking your website on search engine and help load the website content faster.

Customizable templates

All software templates are fully customizable and responsive. Whether you're looking for a minor change on the page or complete redesign, you can do it all with our amazing site editor from your admin panel.

Multi-language support

You may run your community in more than one language at a time with right-to- left content direction (RTL Language Support). Your users will be able to select their preferred language which will apply to everything, including user profile, emails, custom pages, etc.

Time zones and time formatting

Specify default time zone and time formatting for your community. Your users may optionally change them based on their location and preference.


You may view statistics and charts in the control panel to study and improve various activities on your site over different periods of time.

Displaying advertisements is an excellent way to monetize your social network. Crea8socialPro lets you show ads anywhere on your site.

Ads Display

If you are looking for ways to monetize your site, Ads display on your online community is an excellent option to do that. You may create unlimited number of ads and place them anywhere you like such as in between post, left or right side of the platform.

Ad manager

Your users can easily create ads using our advanced ad designer and you get full control on how much ads cost. The ads campaign can be charged based on Impression or Pay Per Click. The ads can be enabled or disable at any point in time.

Drag-and- drop advertisement blocks

Easily drop advertisements into your site design using the powerful site layout editor

Ads Target

You can optionally set individual ad campaigns to display only to specific gender or country. This is useful if you want to show targeted ads to specific groups of members.

Google Adsense compatible

You can copy your Google Adsense code into our Google Adsense field to feature google ads on your community.


System counts how many times your ads are displayed, how many impressions are made and how many times they are clicked on to help you find most performing ads.

Membership Billing

Another way to monetize your website is by allowing paid membership subscription, by this you will have different user roles with different access to your website contents.

Paid membership plans

Create membership subscription plans for different member levels with different access and prices, and charge for access to certain parts of the community. You can bill your members on a recurring schedule (weekly, monthly or yearly) or just charge them a one- time fee for access to additional features.

Subscribe during signup

You can give your users the option of signing up for a subscription plan during their signup process. Alternately, membership plans may also be hidden from new members upon signup.

Transaction logging

Track your subscriptions and all of the payments you receive from your users easily through the admin panel.

Payment gateway support

Hook your Stripe or PayPal account up to Crea8socialPro and start accepting payments from your users in minutes. Support for other payment gateways can be added too.

Multiple currencies

Select from various currencies no matter what country you're from, or add your own currency if the one you're looking for is not listed.


You may view statistics and charts in the control panel to study and improve financial details of your site over different periods of time.


Blog plugin give every member means of sharing thoughts, ideas and creating amazing contents. It helps drive traffic to your website and improve search engine visibility of the platform.

WYSIWYG Post Editor

Using an interface similar to MS Word, members can easily compose blog entries. Members have direct access to the HTML source as well for hands-on editing.

Easy search

Browse through blogs efficiently using the powerful search filters feature


You may view statistics and charts in the control panel to see how many blogs have been posted, and post views.

Categories and Tags

Admin can create unique or community related categories for members to publish their blog post into, also members can create tags with keywords for each blog post.

Control Access

Admin has the ability to allow the blog posting option to every member or limit posting to a particular user role or particular chose member. Also members can control privacy option of each post, like who can view or comment on their blog post.

Comments and likes

Keep your users engaged with the community by giving them the ability to leave comments, as well as like or dislike blog post.

Share Video and Photos

There is no limit to content of a blog post, you can add photos and videos to each posts.

Social Share

Members can share each blog content on different social platform like facebook, twitter, google plus and so on.


Create a trusted community marketplace wherein members can post and browse items. Let your member host their goods and wide variety of services on your community marketplace.

Control Access

Deciding who recieves access, contolling their privileges on how members use marketplace by creating custom requirements for posting and browsing all through.

Custom Categories

Categories help your members find what they like more distinctively by using categories to create a well organized and browsable marketplace.

Easy to Browse

Listings, organized by categories, can be filtered by date or popularity and key word

Manage Listings

Complete information about every listings, provision of full contol over listings, moderation of every listing posted by your members, is available for the site admin from the admin control panel for easy management.

Google Maps Links

A listing owner can tag their listing with a location. Members may view the location using Google Maps.


Members can organize community events for online and offline doings. Pick a time and place, converse event details in the activity feed, and share content.

Activity Feed and Discussion Topics

Events are always accessible, so event guests can share updates, links, music, photos, and videos in a special feed, members can even share and reflect after the event ends or post a discussion/ dialogue topic just like a forum post.

Track RSVPs

Members can RSVP when invited to events so event creators can easily track attendance. RSVPs can be updated if plans change.

Custom Categories

You can create as many categories as you want for events.


To see how many events have been created over different periods of time by viewing statistics and charts in the control panel.

Event Photos

Share photos with event guests with our simple-to- use uploader. Event guests can tag, share, like, and comment on photos.

Privacy Options

Events can be public or private. Event creators can send out exclusive invitations, or allow guests to invite others.


Events can be reported to the Admins by the community to help prevent SPAM and/or remove inappropriate material that is considered to breach the terms & conditions of the site

Seacrh Filter

By using our search filter your users can easily find the events they are looking for.

Feature Events

You can introduce any event you like and once its featured it will be moved to the top of the list for users to see all these events every time they visit the event section.


Groups act as a smaller communities within your community for members to socialize around with other members who have related interests, plus they are places of discussion and sharing under member control.

Activity Feed and Discussion Topics

The activity feed is the major hangout where group members can share updates, links, music, photos, and videos. For profound tete a tete, group members can create threaded discussion topics that function just like forum posts.

Group Photos

Group members can share photos with one another, and can browse group photos to like and comment. Whatever the topic, group members will enjoy sharing and socializing.

Privacy Options

Group creators can decide if groups are public or invite only. Groups can broadly organize members into large, public groups, and groups can even support private sharing between handfuls of members in small, intimate groups. Users have full control over their groups privacy to determine who can view and who can comment on them.

Group Moderators

Among the advantage of this is that group members can be promoted to be officers by the help of the group creators. Officers can moderate group content, and can perform leadership functions within the group.


You may view statistics and charts in the control panel to see how many groups have been created over different periods of time.

Report groups

In view of any inpromper or inappropriate content or spam, users can report groups to administrator to help spot and take them down.


Start Time and Date

Admins can create announcements and define when it should start.

Display options

Admin can allow members to be able to close the announcement or let the announcement remain on their feeds till end date.


Every single announcement has multilingual support, which allows you to create it in all language package installed.

Displayed in Dashboard

To make sure everyone sees your announcement you can define if it should be displayed within your site's dashboard.

Target viewers

Each announcement can be targeted to group of users (User role), location and gender.


Members can populate feeds with images, connect via sharing albums to create a visually engaging community. These days, a picture is worth a thousand likes.

• Posting pictures

Allow unlimited pictures or specify how many pictures your users can upload and store in their accounts to prevent excessive usage.


Users can upload photos to the public gallery or keep their photos organized in their very own photo album. Users can create multiple albums to organize their pictures.

Comments, like or reactions

Keep your users engaged with the community by giving them the ability to leave comments, as well as react to or like pictures, or share them in Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Report pictures

Users can report pictures to administrators to help you spot and take down inappropriate content or spam quickly and efficiently.

Multiple file uploads

Upload multiple pictures at the same time directly from your computer and track upload progress with the progress bar.

Automatic resizing

System will automatically resize pictures and create thumbnails for consistent browsing and to help save on bandwidth costs.

Privacy options

Users have full control over can comment on them.

Video Sharing

Members can share videos from YouTube and Vimeo, or upload videos from their computers. Leverage viral social media to keep members engaged and entertained.

Video Sharing and Uploading

You can allow your users to share videos from Youtube and other popular video sharing sites. You can also allow your users to upload videos should you wish to do that.

Privacy Control

Users can control who can view their video.

Comments, like or reactions

Keep your users engaged with the community by giving them the ability to leave comments, as well as react to or like videos, or share them in Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Report Videos

Users can report videos to administrators to help you spot and take down inappropriate content or spam quickly and efficiently.


Polls plugin is a major feature that help increase members engagement and also help gather community feedback. Members can ask one another questions and see results with illustrated statistical data.

Visual Results

Once a user has voted on a poll they can view the results of the poll, which includes vote counts and bar graph representation. Whether for fun or more serious purposes, polls are great tools for you and your members.


Users can control how many answers each of their polls can have.


For each poll that is created your users can attach an image.

Custom Questions and Answers

You and your members can use polls to gather feedback on any topic. Ask a question, supply some answers, and let people participate.

Current and Relevant

Poll lists stay fresh. New polls are visible to members, and old polls go away overtime, so members will be answering the most relevant polls.

Settings and Privacy

Control poll visibility, access, and participation, ranging from friends to everyone. 

Report a Poll

Polls can be reported to the Admins by the community to help prevent SPAM and/or remove inappropriate material that is considered to breach the terms & conditions of the site.

Page Plugin

Members can create pages around any brand, celebrity or lifestyle where by fellow member that has interest in the same brand and likes the page get to share experience with each other.

Activity Feed

This is where the page admin and people who like the page share updates, files, photos, videos, links, and music. People who like the page can also make comments and like contents on the feeds.

Page Moderators

Page creators can promote page members to be officers. Officers can moderate page content, and can perform leadership roles within the page.


You may view statistics and charts in the control panel to see how many pages have been created over different periods of time.

Post as Page

When you are an Admin of a Page you can post as that page or as yourself on the activity feed.

Advanced Permissions

As an Admin of a Page you have full control of who can add or view items on your Page.

Page Photos

Page members can share photos with one another, and can browse page photos to like and comment. Members can also share posts on the page feed with the public/friends and other social media accounts

Games Plugin

This feature is one of the interesting and fun things to engage your community members. Users can embed or upload virtual games into the community platform.

Upload Games

Games can be uploaded either my uploading the game file (only .swf file) or by copying the code into the provided fields for embed games. The game adding field comes with description field, game category, game title, dimension, and game logo. The game uploader can edit or update the games from time to time.

Search Filter

By using our search filter your users can easily find the games they are looking for.The games are upload into different categories like action, racing and so on


Feature Game

You can introduce any game you like and once its featured it will be moved to the top of the list for users to see all these games every time they visit the games section.

Top Games

A game is listed on the top game section in respect to the number of times the game has been played by members of the community.


Community members can write reviews about a particular game they love and share their experience with other interested members.


You may view statistics and charts in the control panel to see how many games have been created over different periods of time.

Report games

In view of any inpromper or inappropriate content or spam, users can report games to administrator to help spot and take them down.

Forums Plugin

Forum is an old­school framework for online community, it build a sense of loyalty and belonging by giving your members access to other members and interests.

Control Access

You can make the forum open to everyone or a limited. Admin can control who moderates, post and do other thing.

Categories, Forums, and Topics

Forums are grouped by admin customizable categories, and members can create forum topics to get discussions going.


Members can turn on notifications for topics they are following, keeping them notified of other members’ replies.


Assign members as moderators for specific forums. Moderators can oversee forum discussions and moderate content when necessary. Is your community missing the one feature that will make your community awesome? Don’t sweat, it can be custom developed.