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To install crea8social script, you must first download the script from  and then upload it to your remote server.

There are several ways you can follow to upload the script to your remote server, some of these ways is explained below:

CPANEL: To upload the script through your cPanel,

  • login to your cpanel and enter your username and password, and then login.


  • Once you login to your cpanel, click on MSQL Databases (to create a database) 


  • Enter the database name (let say for example you want to use "testing" as the database name), then click "Create Database"


  • Add a user by filling the form below (let say for example, you want to use "root" as the user name). Enter the user name, and also the password. Take note of the password you use, (because you will still use it in the next step)


  • Add user to the database, and click on "Add"