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Automatic Upgrade

With automatic upgrade , upgrading will be easier by doing it will the interface provided from the admin panel, but this has a downside which is it can't use when you have already made modifications to the script files or you backup your modifications and replace them back after the automatic upgrade is done


Before you can use the automatic upgrade you need to set up Ftp details to make it work but if you have set it up already you can move to the next step instead

Setup FTP Account

Login into your admin panel  , go to System upgrade -> Settings and provide your ftp account details as shown in the image below


  • Select the ftp type either FTP or FTP / FTPS for secure ftp connection
  • Provide your ftp host
  • Provide the ftp port, username and its password
  • FTP Path, you have to provide the path where crea8socialPRO is been installed, the /public_html/ might be but you have to make sure the ftp account can access the folder
  • Enable SFTP if is a secure one and make sure the port above is correct
  • Click save settings to complete it


Step 2

  1. Go to login with your details
  2. Go to your downloads page and download the latest version , if your update has expired you have to extend update to be able to download the latest version


  1. Login to your admin panel -> Tools -> Update System click on the update system
  2. Also go to admin panel -> Site Manager -> Languages -> Update Phrases
  3. Go to plugin manager - update each plugins both in the manage and core plugins

Select the new downloaded file and click the upload button to complete the process


And you re done , you can go to your frontend to see the changes being made


Thanks for reading