How to setup video / audio call plugin

The video below will show you how to setup video / audio call:


You can also follow the instructions below for the installation:

NOTE : Make sure you are running crea8social version 6.2.3 (or higher), and make sure the following files are updated:






Follow the steps provided to install the addon.

1. Extract the downloaded addon and open it

2. Move the content to the plugins/ folder of your crea8social installation

3. Go to your site admincp -> Plugins manager -> manage and activate the plugin

Thats all about to install the plugin


Video / Audio plugin uses twillio api for calling , you will have to create an account on their site by heading to

After registering on their site you will need to get the following credentials  and set the values accordingly in your mediachat plugin settings

  1. Twilio SID
  2. Twilio Auth Token
  3. Twilio API Key
  4. Twilio API Secret
  5. RTC Profile SID

And the image show the settings in your admincp

Now let me explain how you will get these details one by one

After creating your account you can find the Twilio SID and Twilio Token from your console home as shwo in the image below

Now you need to add Programming video service to your twilio account, click on Programming video from the all twilio product block as shown below

You can get the Twilio API Key and Twilio API Secret by going to tools and click API Keys to create a new key as shown below

Give your api key a friendly name and keep note of the api key and secret and note that the secret show once after creating the key profile as show below

SID is your Twilio Api key and Secret is your Twilio API Secret


Now the only thing that remains is the RTC Profile SID  and you can get this by creating a video configuration profile and shown below

After creating the profile you will see the RTC SID as shown in the image below

Set the values in your admincp mediachat settings and click the save button


Thanks for reading