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Upgrade From Lite To Pro Version

The instruction here will guide you through how you will upgrade your crea8social Lite version to pro version. Please note that only pro full version can upgrade from lite to pro , if you are using the trial version please kindly upgrade to the pro version since the trial version is 7days 

Follow the following steps to complete it

Firstly you will need to do fresh installation of pro version is a new database by following the documentation included in it

After a successfull installation of pro version you can now login into your admin panel and go to System upgrade -> Move Lite version Database



Provide your lite version database details as shown in the image above click on start moving to complete the process


After that go to /config.php

Change the line that says

'bcrypt' => false,


'bcrypt' => true,

So that your member does not need to reset there password and for your password you will need to reset it as the admin


Thanks for reading