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This option allows admin to change the site title e.g from the default title
"crea8socialPro" to the name of your choice. To change or edit Site Title:

  • Login to your AdminCP (
  • From the menu, click on 'Settings
  • From the dropdown sub-menu, click on 'General'
  • Enter your site title in the field 'Your Site title'
  • Enter your site title separator (e.g. - or |) in the field 'Your Site title Separator'
  • Enter your site keywords in the field 'Site Keywords'
  • Enter your site description in the field 'Site Description'
  • Click 'Yes' to enable debug, and 'No' to disable debug
  • Click 'Yes' to enable to shutdown website for maintenance purpose though you can access admin
  • Enter your Shutdown message (in the field 'Shutdown Message') for your member to know what is happening
  • Click 'Yes' to enable HTTPS (Please confirm your server is enabled with https before enabling HTTPS), or 'No' to disable HTTPS
  • Select default timezone for your users in the field 'Select your timezone'
  • Select your preferred pusher driverin the field 'Pusher Driver'
  • Select Ajax polling check interval time from the field 'Ajax Polling Check Interval', please this setting is required for ajax long polling pusher driver
  • Select option to enable or disable session timeout in the field 'Enable Session Timeout'
  • Select either to enable or disable captcha in forms in the field 'Enable Captcha In Forms'
  • Enter reCaptcha Key in the field 'reCaptcha Key'
  • Enter reCaptcha Secret in the field 'reCaptcha Secret'
  • Then save your settings.


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