• One time fee
  • All Core Features + including photo,music,video,pages & group,blogs,ads,membership and more..
  • Full Source code
  • Free installation service
  • 12 Months Free Updates
  • 300 Free support token

Professional + Android App



  • One time fee
  • One Professional License
  • One Android app license(No source code)
  • REST API plugin
  • 1 Free compilation
  • Free 300 support token

Basic + App


  • All Essential Features +
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Pages,Games
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • 12 Months Free Updates
  • +

Professional + App


  • All Basic Features +
  • Forum
  • Marketplace
  • Premium Membership
  • Blogs
  • Musics
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • 12 Months Free Updates
  • +

Ultimate + App


  • All Professional Features +
  • All Premium plugins
  • Video / Audio call, Livestreaming
  • Business directory,Auction
  • Credits, Virtual Gift shop
  • Polls,Profile spotlight
  • Social publisher
  • 3 Months Free Support
    + Live Chat Support
  • 12 Months Free Updates
  • +
Note : Above plans does not include our Premium plugins


Want to test your server requirements? Check here

PHP Version
5.4 or above
MySQLi Extension
Apache mod_rewrite
PHP Multibyte String
PHP memory_limit
32M or 64M

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I own my site after I purchase?

Yes you own all of your content, data, and any customizations you make to the crea8social source code.

Can I Try the script before I Buy?

No we do not offer trial version. Demo has been put in place to test.

Can Crea8social be customized?

Yes, The source code is unencrypted so it can be easily customized. We have done a great work to make it easier to work with and customize.

Can the script be translated into another language?

Yes it's very easy you can create more language pack right from the admincp. Follow this link to know more about this https://crea8social.com/help/getting-started/how-to-create-a-language-pack

Do I have to pay extra to remove any mentions of Crea8social?

No you don't need to pay extra for removing crea8social in the script, removing can be done in the admincp and even our support team are ready in helping you regarding this.

Does the script come in any other languages?

Crea8social comes with four languages namely English, French, Arabic and Japanese, We made English as default and this can be managed in the admincp.

Are future updates free?

Yes but it is only for 1 year as free updates, you will need to extend it once the free update license expired.

Is the source code unencrypted?

Yes, It is unencrypted, this allows you to make any changes you want.

What are the server requirements?

To know server requirements kindly follow this link https://crea8social.com/pricing#requirements

How many users can crea8social serve at a time?

We have worked to optimize creasocial and make it less in weight. Primarily, your server capability is important, there is a need to share and upgrade your server in order to withstand large among of traffic. On most shared-server plans, crea8social should be able to support tens of thousands of users, while a single dedicated server can usually support upwards of one hundred thousand however we make no guarantee of performance due to the many variable involved.


How do I install Crea8social?

You can install crea8social script on your server by following the instructions given in this documentation https://crea8social.com/help/getting-started/how-to-install-crea8social-script

How do I move my installation to a new server?

You can simply move the installation by transferring the database and all the files in the installation folder to the new server. Then make sure the new domain is registered with us.

Can Crea8social be customized?

Yes, The source code is unencrypted so it can be easily customized. We have done a great work to make it easier to work with and customize.

Can Crea8social be installed in a subdirectory or subdomain?

Yes, you can install crea8social script on any location on your server and it can also be installed on subdomain.

If I upgrade to a new version, will I lose my customizations or admin panel settings?

There are two types of upgrade, Automatic Upgrade and Manual Upgrade. You may loose you customization to automatic upgrade if the developer of the customization did not take actions to support the next update. The manual upgrade involves the developer updating the files one by one and making sure the customizations are not overwritten.

How long does Professional Plan installation takes?

Setting up the server depends on the Server Administrator but the installation itself only takes few minutes


Do I get support with my purchase?

Absolutely Yes, Your purchase comes with three months free support and we have a great team ready to support you.

What type of issues does support cover?

Our support team will help you for initial installation, other questions needed in using the script and errors encountered while using unmodified script.

How long do I get support after purchase?

Your purchase comes with 90 days free support and it will require you to extend it with token amount then if you need our support else you can continue using the script.

How long does it take to get a response from support?

We attend to tickets in respect to how we receive them and we do our best to respond to all tickets within several hours during business hours, or the next business day if submitted during off hours.

How do I recover my account?

Your account(s) is intact with us but if you forget your password, you can make use of "forgot password" feature to retrive it but If you can no longer access the registered email address, you can contact support and provide your order ID.

Do you offer phone support?

No presently we only support through support ticket system.

Can I extended my support?

Yes this can be done in the dashboard.


Is the license a one-time purchase or an annual agreement?

The purchase of Crea8social is one-time fees and you have the right to edit the code to your need and expect a license to be installed on a domain.

How many licenses do I need?

Each license is valid for a single public installation of the software regardless of domains.You are entitled to create a private copy for development purpose.

Do I need more than one license if i'm installing Crea8social on several subdomains/directories?

Yes you need to have another license if you need more than 1 installation and this can be easily done by adding more license in the dashboard at lower price.

I found a third party selling Crea8social licenses. Is that legal?

No it is illegal to buy from third party because procrea8 Tech is only rightful owner and seller of crea8social. Also you will miss out on the great support from our team if you purchase illegal license likewise you will not be able to get future updates of the script.

Do you offer an unlimited license?

We do not offer unlimited license which allows you to use crea8social an unlimited number of times. As early said each installation requires its own license.

Can i sell my license in the future?

No, Because creasocial license is not transferrable but if eventually you want to sell it then Yes but what many clients do is simply incorporate the cost of the new license into the sale price of the website and purchase a new license on behalf of the new owner.


Will I get a discount if am buying more than 2 license at once?

Yes, We offer discount for purchases that include more than 2 licenses. You can contact us regarding this.

For how long will i need to wait my download information?

Your payment will pass through some checkings but once it is processed and successful, you will receive an instant mail for your license information.

Is my billing information secured?

Yes, your information is processed by Bmtmicro our payment gateway so we never see or store your billing information.

What is your refund policy?

Having provided demo http://pro.crea8social.com which is the only medium to test crea8social script, We urge you to have a thorough test before proceeding to order. We only grant refund within the 30days of purchase IF Crea8social CANNOT BE INSTALLED PROPERLY ON YOUR SERVER or AN ERROR OCCURS CAUSED BY THE SCRIPT ITSELF WHICH CREA8SOCIAL TEAM ARE UNABLE TO RECTIFY.

I don't have a domain yet. Can I still purchase Crea8social?

Yes you can purchase it now and update it on your registered domain name later.

Can I get a custom quote on bulk license purchasing?

Yes you can contact us regarding this we also offer discount for multiple license.

Is the payment a one-time or periodically renew?

The purchase of Crea8social is one-time fee, We do not extra charge after first payment either monthly or yearly.