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Date: 15 February 2018

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The world is said to be a global village filled with people from different countries. People have friends from different part of the world and it becomes imperative to know where they are from for effective communication. You don't have to search for user info to know his/her location - just install Flags module to get flag icon next to user's name to know his/her location.

Features Highlights:

+ Contain All Countries flag that is available in your crea8social software

+ Add more countries/location with their respective Flag from the Admincp.

+ Edit Countries and their flags

+ Website Geographical Statistics - Know the number of members from different Locations on your platform (know the location your website is growing the most).

+ Compatible with Dating System

Flags Module will choose an appropriate flag from collection based on country chosen by member on registration.

DEMO : https://demo.lightedphp.com/addons

FULL DESCRIPTION AND PURCHASE : https://lightedphp.com/plugins/flags

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