FBLite version 4.0 theme gives your crea8social network a Beautiful Facebook-Like Interface with mobile responsiveness.
If you want to create your own social network and make it look as good as Facebook - this is exactly what you need!

- 3 column just like #Fb
- Sidebar menu just like #Fb
- Mobile Responsiveness
- Right side Chat menu with Activities at the top just like #Fb
- Feed Poster Image within the Status box just like #Fb

+ Shortcuts : Members can now create shortcut menu for their groups and pages just like #Fb
+ Admincp can now change the Landing page Background Image by uploading their desired picture from the Admincp.
+ compatibility with crea8social version 2017.3
+ General Bug fixes

VERSION 3.0 (Released 13-03-2017)
+ Redsign Group and Pages layout (Just Like Facebook).
+ Fixed Login Button on Homepage
+ Fixed Reaction Mouserover.
+ General Improvements

Version 2.1 Features (Realeased 24-11-2016)
+ Compatibility with Crea8social version 6.2.3
+ Media Chat Plugin icons
+ Bugs Fixes and General Improvement

Version 2.0 Features (Realeased 28-09-2016)
- Compatibility with Crea8social version 6.2.2
- Reaction and Likes Count
- General Improvements and Responsiveness

Bug Fixes
- Create Ads in profile not working #Fixed
- Overlapping of Side Ads in profile #Fixed

Version 1.2 Features.
* Dyamic: Set More Primary Color Apart from the the Default "Blue".
* Profile Design Restored Just Like #Fb
* Sidebar Menu Improved.
* Chat Box Improved
* More Customization Settings
* Sponsored Ads in Profile.
* More Work on Mobile Responsiveness

Bugs Fixes Version 1.2
- Annoucement Covered by Header #Fixed.
- Sign Up Button showing under members #fixed
- Compability of Lightedphp Plugins.
- Load more feeds showing Part #Fixed
- Sticky sidebar in profile overlay #Fixed

Version 1.1 now Released
Additional Features:
* Compatibility with Crea8socialPro version 6.1
* Mouseover the Chat list and See Friends Details Just like #Fb
* Link to profile from the chat header just Like #Fb
* Customized Left side Sub Menu
* Landing page back in the homepage

Version 1.1 Bug Fixes:
* Ads In feeds #Fixed
* Mobile header chat/notifications/friend request #Fixed
* Box and List In Blogs/Groups and pages #Fixed
* Google recaptcha in homepage #Fixed
* Edit Account on (mobile) Margin bottom #Fixed

Version 1.0.1 Released:
Version 1.0 Bug Fixes :
* upload picture and video button not displaying on mobile #Fixed.
* image not displaying in chat fixed!
* media object #fixed!
* Second reply message background color #Fixed
* play Game #fixed
* Membership plugin #Fixed

Addtional Features
* Improved Mobile Responsiveness
* Set Mobile menu display (Float top or Push right)
- Click on theme "customize button" to set Default



How to install:

1) Unzip the file.

2) Goto Crea8social RootFolder->Themes.
- upload the unzipped folder into the Themes folders

How To Activate:
Goto Admicp->Appearance->Frontend->Click on fblite and "Set As Active".
Reload your page and Fblite is now working.

For more Questions, Bug Report, Suggestions Kindly
Contact Us:

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FBLite Theme (Version 4.0)

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Date: 15 November 2016

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