Shoutbox communication is the key to building a community and the main factors to make your users stay longer in your community. Shoutbox is a chat box provides a chat-like feature that allows members of your site to quickly communicate with all your community's members. Shoutbox provides an added convenience to build strong and extends members relationship.

Shoutbox Placements
Display Shoutbox block in Feed, Page, Group, Game, Event profile page. Site admin can modify blocks views.

Admin Control
Site admin can enable/disable Shoutbox block, control who can add new messages to Shoutbox, control who can view Shoutbox block
Page/Group Admin Control
Admin of Page/Group/Game/Event can control who can add new messages to Shoutbox on their Pages/Groups, control who can view Shoutbox block on their Pages/Groups.

Extract the Shoutbox folder into the plugins folder.
Go to your AdminCP plugins manager.
Activate the Shoutbox plugin



Supported Version

7.2.3 and above


Category: Plugins


Date: 17 December 2018

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