SMS has been the fastest and easiest way to connect with Users. This Plugin Allow you to integrate SMS Validation and Swift Account Retrieval (forgot password) into Your Social Network. You can also Send Bulk to All Members or Select Members.
- Easy Account Validation via SMS
- Easy Account Details Retrieval via SMS
- 3 SMS Gateways Inbuilt (Twilio, 46elks and ClickATell).
- Send Bulk SMS to All Members or Selected Members

Version 1.2:
+ Compatibility with Job Plugin (Members receive job notification on their mobile).

Version 1.1
+ Security: Improvement of Account Retrieval (forgot password).

- Receive Real Time SMS For Sign Up Verification Code
- Receive SMS During Account Recovery
- Can Update Phone Number From Account Settings->Privacy
- Can Skip SMS Verification Process Based on Administrative Settings

Administrative Privileges:
- Full Customization of All Messages Sent To Users
- Approve Invalidated Accounts From the Admincp
- Blast SMS Message to All Members, Selected Member (s) and Non Active Members
- Allow or Disallow SMS Verification

Question : I already have members on my website, How do I get them to verify their Phone Numbers?
Answer : SMS verification Allow Users to Update their Numbers from their Account Settings Easily.

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SMS System (v1.2)

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Date: 14 November 2016

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