The Social Media Publisher allows user publish activity feed posts automatically from your Crea8social based Site to the most popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. The Feeds are published on the Facebook Homepage, Twitter homepage of users and their friends, as well as on the users’ Facebook/Twitter Profile page.

It act like a trusted word of mouth publicity for your site. These high-impact, interactive feeds on facebook have links leading back to your site and ensure new visitors and new signups.


+ Allow your members can automatically publish the status posted at crea8social based site on walls of their facebook and twitter profile. Auto publishing can be done at home feed, member profile, event’s feed, and group’s feed.
+ Multi-language supported


+ Enable or disable plugin.
+ Enable or disable providers.
+ Facebook App ID and App Secret setting.
+ Twitter Consumer Key and Secret setting.

NOTE: This plugin is currently not compatible with Facebook due to its new policy update.

Demo: https://demo.crea8social.com/feed

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Social Publisher

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Date: 20 December 2016

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