Credit Plugin:

This plugin brings a new level of interaction and vibrancy into your community. In an increasingly crowded cyberspace, customers are becoming more selective about how they spend time online. Using our credit plugin bring a lot of fun into your social network, it is rewarding.

Credits plugin increases interaction and encourages members to post new videos, upload photos, add more friends and create various social media content.

Plugin Features:

-Payment Processor: Credit processor button used for transaction bears the name of your website. e.g "YOUR WEBSITE Pay" ("crea8social Pay" for example)

-Earn Credit: Members can earn credits doing various actions on your site: sign up, upload photo, upload video, post on wall, like, comment, and many others. It is a great way increase interaction on your social network

-Spend Credits: In this version, your member can use credits to buy virtual gifts, ads payment, and membership upgrades, we also can integrate credits to other plugins such as games, marketplace and much more through custom request.

-Buy Credit: Members can purchase credit

-Richest Members list: Displays the member’s position in Richest Members list and encourages them to earn or buy more credits.

-Credit Ranks: Badge is given to members depending on the number of earned credits. You can set the number of required credits for each badge and it encourages members to actively use your social network to get a new badge.

-Send Credits: Members can send credits to their friends.

-Widgets: Send Credits, Buy Credits, settings / creditRichest Member, Credit rank and Credit statistics.

-Transactions. Your members can see each credit earning, transferring and spending using detailed transactions list. It tracks each credit-rewarding with all needed details.

Expandable, customizable and fully supported by us!

Admin Features

-Assign Credits: You can assign credits rewarding to members for doing various actions on your site:
upload photo,
create blog,
post on wall,
and many others.
/*that settings/credit plugin*/

-Send Mass Credit: Feature allows admin to send credit to many members




Credits Plugin

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Date: 24 January 2017

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