Virtual Gift Shop

Date: 24 January 2017

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Gift Plugin

Reward members for posting social media content and interaction with each other, let them earn Credits, it is fun and rewarding. Let them translate credits into virtual gifts. Let members send Virtual Gifts to friends on Birthdays, Valentine Day, Christmas - it is the easiest way to reward your members for their activity.

You can create as many Virtual Gifts as you would like and link them to any holiday. It allows members to send a gift on their friends birthday or on holidays - it is simple and fun.

Main Features

-All Gifts. It is a widgetized page where you can browse gifts.

-My Gifts: Contains a list of gifts sent to you or received from your friends.

-Categories: Gifts can be categorized like: Birthday gifts, Love gifts, etc. It makes easy to browse and find exact gifts for your members.

-Credits: Admin can configure the price in credit of all gifts and gift types in admin cp. If the price in credit is Free -> No credit plugin is required to run the plugin.

Expandable, customizable and fully supported by us!

Admin Features:

-Manage categories: You can create a new category, edit and delete existing gifts category.

-Create Gifts: You can create gifts, with title, price in credits or free.*Credit plugin is required to use credit

-Credits integration: You can allow your members to purchase gift using credit (earned or bought).*Credit plugin is required to use credit

-User role settings: can send gift and receive gift.

-Pages in Layout editor